Frohawk Two-Feathers

Gallery Affiliations: Taylor De Cordoba, Morgan Lehman

Region: Pacific Coast

My paintings reflect my love of history, specifically colonial history and the Age of Exploration. Better put, the history of mad rulers and the Age of Exploitation. History and geography were always my favorite subjects so it makes sense that the majority of my work be centered in them. I start with a narrative and build upon it as the story plays out. I'm especially fond of using text as a medium, in the style of how images are displayed in historical texts. I want to deconstruct the perception of the "hero." I want to make them vulnerable.

Stylistically, my paintings are rough and sometimes chaotic. I love using bold colors and linear shapes to emphasize the power of aspects of the subject and at other times the lack thereof. Although I admire the fluidity of a paint stroke, I often give in to the comic book-esque sensibility of putting things in a box. Combine my photography education with my interest in world affairs and their historical precursors, along with a vice for pop culture and irony and voila!

Featured on NAP/Blog:
September 9, 2014