Freddy Chandra

Gallery Affiliations: Walter Maciel Gallery, Brian Gross Fine Art, Margaret Thatcher Projects, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Fabbri Contemporary Art

Region: Northeast


City / State: Hancock, MA

My work is rooted equally in the language of geometric abstraction and in the temporal nature of the moving image. Applying acrylic paint on Plexiglas panels, I repeat, pair, overlap, reverse, and re-sequence ensembles of chromatic areas and seamless shifts of lines and values. These works are rhythmic compositions of discrete frames in which the relationship between parts inherently informs the logic of a continuous whole. These wall-based installations—from the modestly scaled to the panoramic—use the structure of filmic space to link the concrete and the atmospheric through a sequence of encounters. With shifts in color temperature, light and shadow, and structural geometry, an appearance of movement is created within stasis, and a fleeting rhythm resonates in an abstracted stream of information. I try to make tangible the act of recognition, recollection, and anticipation, driven by a desire to understand the present moment in the space between attentive perception and the peripheral subconscious.