Francis Berry

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: San Francisco, CA

Art for the eye and mind by visual poet Francis Berry

Compelling works of art suggest that we are not alone in the world, that there is solidarity in human empathy, that we can share our true feelings and thoughts with one another. Whether we respond to life with joy, sadness or anything in between, we can channel itóto and fromóthrough art. Additionally, making art keeps my inner self alive and in balance with the outer world. Serendipitous encounters with thought-provoking words or engaging colors inspire my paintings and drawings. The work does not address realism in order to delve deeper into subjective consciousnessóthe thoughts, feelings and emotions we associate with bits and pieces of existence. By repeating few contrasting colors within each composition, I animate and weave together tragicomic casts of characters. Whimsical Entropy is the title of my current series of watercolors and paintings. While ìwhimsicalî alludes to humor and spontaneity, ìentropyî suggests tension between meaningful form and random texture. With no preconceived image to emulate, painting is good paint, intuition, the moment, a road to meaningÖ