Felipe Baeza

Region: Northeast

 Through a convergence of my interests in science fiction, migration, queerness, and anthropology as well as a syncretic use of both collage and printmaking, my work explores ideas about the fugitive body. Always on the run, the fugitive lives in concealment but also without status; as Fred Moten would describe it, this is “to live without credit.” My work is concerned with making subjects that contain their own complexities and agency. I reconstruct new imaginaries of neither here nor there, allowing the fugitive body to make use of imagination as a tool for liberation and the transcendence of circumstances. To create new meaning, I work with different creative languages that produce alternative modes of inhabiting time and space. This strategy allows me to imagine structures and possibilities for the self-emancipation of the hybrid fugitive body that lives in/is persistently susceptible to hostile conditions. The possibility of self-emancipation is forged by the necessity to survive and thrive, wherein one is forced to create new forms and structures that produce liminal spaces of belonging.