Felice Grodin

Gallery Affiliations: Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

Region: South

In a manner of speaking, we need not confine ourselves to the duality of innocence and guilt. In order to mitigate “reality” in both concrete and virtual terms, we must go with the flow. And this flow is comprised of a multitude of forces and frequencies that shape, pressure, and contour our experiences. Thus, by operating within the field(s) from which things emerge and recede, one may work tactically in order to hijack the grain from within the grain.

By exploring the grain, I map trajectories. Algorithmic use of offthe- shelf materials, drawn cartographies of paintings, catalogued art deco buildings in a state of decomposition and recomposition, and diagrammatic stealth projections are presented not as finite compositions, but as carefully considered mutable moments along their way. . .