Fahamu Pecou

Gallery Affiliations: Lyons Wier Gallery

Region: South

My work features painting, video and performances that explore the phenomenon of contemporary propaganda and brand building as well as the cultural context of media and marketing and how they are both disconnected and relevant to fine art. Additionally I seek to expose the stereotypes around black masculinity as reflected in contemporary media. Thinking through the process of media propaganda brought me to my current work with magazine covers. Playing on the public's psychological reaction to magazines, and preconceived ideas about who should be in them, I began projecting my image and ideas on the covers of magazines. I further abstracted the concept by juxtaposing my character's in-your-face, hip hop bravado on fine art magazines. A combination of ideas are then examined in the final pieces that play with notions of fame, image and black masculinity as well as fine art insider politics.