Evan Mann

Gallery Affiliations: Walker Fine Art


I invent imagery in order to translate invisible mysteries into physical realities. I attempt to create a visual universe that references nothing; I aim for a complete departure from actuality. Art making is a means to physically interact with existence in a world I do not understand. I make images, objects, and videos with the intention of perceiving and experiencing this world anew, with the hope of providing imaginative nourishment to feed the mystery of reality.

This being said, my work fails to uphold its own statements and visions. The notion of creating without reference or corporeal influence is paradoxical and obviously impossible. The futility of this concept reveals my inability to transcend the physical world, despite the longing to do so. Being a creature of limited knowledge, I grapple in the darkness with faith that something of substance will be unveiled. My work is a product of this grappling.