Evan Colbert

Gallery Affiliations: shark's ink.

Region: West

Website: http://evancolbert.com

City / State: Longmont, CO

Crap Culture creeps abundantly across our sleepy land as we pay more for less. Infotainment is the new entertainment. Exurbs are the new suburbs. The formerly peripheral is now full frontal and in stereo.

In this age of information, the onslaught is constant. Your body is currently being riddled with radio-waves and cell-phone chatter, your television is waiting to impart some more special wisdom to you, and your computer is most likely whoring about with some indecent spam provider.

Somewhere in the midst of all this noise is my inspiration, born out of a lack of inspiration. My paintings often feature those items that you barely notice anymore, pictograms, logos, symbols, bits of language, street signs; the things you pass by everyday, but never truly see…