Eustace Mamba

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Philadelphia, PA

 My work explores the convergence of history, postcolonialism, and identity. This pursuit takes shape through an interdisciplinary practice spanning more than just traditional painting. By tapping into my background as a designer and photographer, I interpret the texture of life through nontraditional artworks.

I convey the perspective of a first-generation child of immigrants and strive to capture the complex interplay involved in straddling multiple worlds and cultures.

My fine arts practice is an extension of my obsessive documentation of complex contemporary thoughts and issues through simple expressions. My artwork is an adventure into a vibrant world, which I believe is overlooked, and, as a result, under- and misrepresented (and misunderstood) by Western classically trained academics.

I have chosen to primarily explore themes and images of people of color in my work, due to a lack of proper representation in the canon of Western art history.