Eunjung Park

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Baltimore, MD

I begin my work by repeating simple units. I use this repetition and the transformation of units across successive repetitions as a strategy to build larger structures. I work to understand the symbolic potential held by these larger structures and by the relationship of those structures to their constitutive units.

To create a unit, I abstract forms I find in my everyday life— such as parts of the body or of architectural interiors—and then combine them into new forms. The resulting forms reference multiple sources, but do not depict any of them directly. I try to both gesture toward and withhold a recognizable subject.

Having found such a unit, I distort and repeat it multiple times to create the overall shape of my work. I then use a number of devices to investigate this structure—sewing raised, pillowed areas; cutting out hollow areas; and adding surface texture and color in paint and fabric.