Eugenio Espinosa

Region: South

In my art, I aim to find what is really essential to the function or nature of the creative process or the final results of this process. I can only see art as a real, concrete space, where modification is possible only in a real and concrete manner; from this emerges the incomprehensible, the disconcerting and the imaginative.

I have great interest in art based in geometrical shapes and concepts, and have always searched for an expression that is closest to the real space that surrounds us.

The experience with this quotidian non-abstract space, lead me to find a visual limit – the grid – symbol of the rational. I took the grid from Durero, who used it between the artist and his model, to determine the figure within that space. This space with the grid, an instrument to make the object precise, is for me, the representation of the space we see and experience surrounding us. This is the space I try to make to give another form to or to make real.

I want to create an art that has no resistance to this real space; an art that is humble in its realization and the materials used to create it; an art that can be stimulating to the spectator's senses, and that with a minimum of resources, is capable of creating a dialogue with architecture, nature and the spectator.