Eros Zhao

Region: Pacific Coast

I consider myself an active participant of the GLBT rights movement and consciously seek to reflect and capture the sentiments of the political struggles GLBT people have historically faced and continue to face today. Many of my paintings seek to educate the observer on subject matters which incorporate different beliefs and cultures through symbolism.

By reason of my passion of the occult sciences, my artwork often features stories from figures of tarot cards or Greek mythology, set in Chinese landscapes to do some witchcraft inhabited by mythical creatures. There is often a water element in my work, symbolizing a near and ever-present danger that drives the starring actor to the edge. Furthermore, I tend to place mountains in the background to symbolize hope of a better place that is always just out of reach. Despite the lack of natural light, I use bright and vivid colors from the entire spectrum to show the life and vivacity of the subjects.

I believe that through my artwork, I can open up other people to different ways of thinking and relating issues between people, and to reach out to other people about equality.