Erin McIntosh

Gallery Affiliations: Gregg Irby Fine Art

Region: South


City / State: Winder, GA

Poetically depicting the nature of human thought, my paintings investigate impermanence, the invisible, and abstraction. Curiosity about the complex, ephemeral spaces “in between” drive my work. My subject is, in a sense, “formlessness,” as I imagine and visualize spaces unseen.

Geometric and organic shapes form the visual language I use to fabricate images of seemingly empty space. In my current body of work, shapes derived from architecture, speed-driven organic marks, and layered color populate the picture plane.

As a process-driven painter, I construct content through improvisational engagement with materials and the play of impulse and controlled edits. As each painting unfolds, I rely on a visceral rather than intellectual response to visual phenomena. Through the visual and tactile qualities of water-based media, formal qualities transform and reveal themselves to form new metaphors.