Erin Fitzpatrick

Region: South


City / State: BALTIMORE, MD

I am constantly inspired by patterns and prints, my travels, summertime, Instagram, interior spaces, my immediate surroundings, fashion magazines, textile design, and meeting new people. I have an iPhone full of screenshots, and sketchbooks, notebooks, and a studio wall covered in notes and clippings— my collections of visual stimulants. A seed from these images, a West African textile, a languid Miu Miu model, a Slim Aarons photograph of poolside decadence, inspire the vibe for each painting. I plan each piece around this initial idea by creating a storyboard depicting wardrobe, model type/look, textiles, and setting. Sourcing my models from my peers and through social media, I import textiles, shop for the wardrobe, and build a set. I style my models and chat with them as I take hundreds of photos for reference material. The model becomes the focal point in the world of clashing patterns, textiles, and plants that I have created.