Erin Cone

Gallery Affiliations: Blank Space, Decorazon Gallery, Hespe Gallery, Nuart Gallery, Rosenbaum Contemporary, Trudy Labell Fine Art

Region: West


City / State: Santa Fe, NM

Focusing on visual impact over narrative context, I subtly orchestrate realism to idealize my subject within a framework of design. I refine my paintings to essential forms, emphasizing certain elements and eliminating others to heighten expressive power.

I deliberately create a push-and-pull between near-photorealistic detail and my own vocabulary of visual glitches that challenge that very realism. This duality is central to my work and allows the figures I paint to remain wholly representational yet function abstractly, evoking emotion without defining it.

With my imagery grounded in the context of abstraction, I am able to clarify my vision and strengthen my expression while seeking a new aesthetic in the tradition of figurative realism.