Erika Duque

Region: West


City / State: fort worth, TX

Through painting, I try to materialize the feelings of awe, wonder, calm, and sometimes fear that come from being in nature. These moments of awe can happen only while I am present in the landscape. I make sketches, record videos, and take photographs of plants and terrain in state and national parks as well as in my immediate surroundings to aid in my recreation of these fleeting sensations. I am drawn to otherworldly landscapes and am interested in how weather, time of day (specifically dusk, dawn, and night), and seasons can transform and elevate the aesthetics of a landscape. I bring research material back to the studio and use it as a loose reference. By choosing not to paint en plein air, I create room for colors to be exaggerated and keyed-up in an effort to invite the viewer to experience a moment of soft fascination.