Erik Shane Swanson

Region: Pacific Coast


 The world map on the wall of my living room is gridded with creases. Folded lines, alternately raised and depressed, give the graphic image of Earth a sense of dimension and emphasize the atmospheric light in which it hangs. It once reflected the dim glow from a courtyard in Brooklyn and was later raked by light from above a lane house in Shanghai. In my current work, I am interested in the shifting significance an object or image undertakes as it changes locations. My paintings depict scenes and forms related to travel that are familiar everywhere I’ve lived yet specific in the places they signify. While this series started as still lifes of items designed for mobility, it has shifted towards the visual language of the unfolded map. In my representations of photographic prints, I address their objecthood both through surface texture and cut-out drawings that offer further connections to ideas about home, travel, and exchange.