Erica Mahinay

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Los Angeles, CA

Surface is everything and nothing. I think of it as a skin, a membrane, that seduces and acts as a penetrable boundary. Reassembled and reconstituted, these surfaces approach the complexity and absurdity of a contemporary human condition in which options for reinvention are countless and accessible. I integrate the historical trajectory of cut or collaged surfaces in abstract painting, and trace the fine line between self-care and self-obsession. Gold leafing adorns while highlighting imperfections. The thinness of surface and tenuousness of illusion are revealed through translucent fields of color with stitched divides, painted portions, and an occasional wrinkle or pucker. Flirting with representation, I source the still life, the nude, or the landscape. Painting becomes a visual notation on the cusp of articulation. Always teetering on the edge of becoming a “thing,” the works bask in an uncertain ontological status and manifest a contemporary condition in which composing and redefining the self becomes center.

I wish to offer present-moment, tactile experiences as a space for reckoning with imperfection, vulnerability, mortality, and failure.