Enid Blechman

Region: South

Website: http://enidblechman.com

City / State: Juno Beach, FL

In Adipose Industries I have created a multimedia company whose main focus is the theoretical securing and repurposing of fat for home and personal use. I base my science on anecdotal evidence and on my innate inability to understand science or math. Recycling materials from manmade and natural sources, I assemble and manipulate objects that evolve, develop, and grow, often of their own accord. There are no formulas, no recipes, and no directions for rewiring, disassembling, and reconstruction. The only guidance is that there are no instructions for interpretation or use.

The belief that all our planet’s natural resources must be repurposed if it is to survive has united the artistic and scientific community. The tenuous bond between corporate America and ecological imperatives has been cemented in the creation of a company that sees the future and is trying to explain it.