Emily Weiner

Region: South

Website: http://www.emilyweiner.com

City / State: Nashville, TN

In my paintings, I have been remixing symbols from the past and present, connecting visual threads that run from antiquity and the Italian Renaissance to craft traditions—to archetypes in folklore, theater, dreams, and nature. My work aims to consider Western imagery through a feminist lens. It opposes the idea that progress in history is a straight arrow, but sees it rather as a winding timeline that overlaps, loops, often omits, and repeats.

I wonder, how are representational images shaped, shared, and translated? How do they travel between or outside epochs? What are the narratives that dominate our stories, and how are they reinforced?

Technically, my paintings—usually oil on linen, set in ceramic frames—rely on intuition, time, and layers of paint.