Emily Marie Miller

Region: Northeast

I make hedonistic dreamscapes of a single figure, duplicated and expanded, interacting with itself under the night sky or on velvet-curtained stages. The figural projections harm one another, comfort one another, and enact punishments. Adorned with the trappings of femininity—lingerie, ballet shoes, stockings, veils—these figures wear the costume of womanhood while acting outside the bounds of that construct. They perform the roles of punisher and punished, healer and sick, seducer and seduced, victim and perpetrator. My paintings grapple with shame—of the body, of leisure, of destructive impulses. They deal with desire—the desire to be closer to nature, to be rid of shame, to be in a group. Coexisting with the desire for violence, these paintings grapple with the desire to heal. I am interested in what feminine power looks like, both the inaccurate picture that has been sold to us and what that power would actually look like if we were able to collectively possess it, in its highest form.