Emily Blair Quinn

Region: West

Website: http://www.emilyblairquinn.com

City / State: Prairie Village, KS

My realistic oil paintings examine the duality of the female condition—a dynamic balance between vulnerability and resilience. I hold space for paradoxical emotions and give people permission to express pain, sadness, and frustration without judgment. Female figures inhabit surreal psychological domestic spaces. They are melting, translucent, fractured, and possibly on the edge of a mental breakdown—their emotional states are manifested through various stages of physical collapse. My process begins with a treasure hunt for figurines that seem strangely haunted, sad, sexual, or otherwise easy to anthropomorphize. Utilizing a variety of methods involving paint, wax, and resin, I transform dollhouses, figurines, and miniatures into theatrical dioramas that serve as still life subjects for my paintings. I use dark humor and bright colors to engage viewers, making my work a catalyst for conversations that acknowledge and normalize feelings of isolation, loneliness, and loss.