Ellie Ng Ka Yu

Region: MFA Annual

 My paintings are currently about possession and my obsession with beautiful outfits. I’m interested in fashion and obsessed with detailed-pattern dresses. But sometimes social norms could stop me from buying and wearing fancy dresses on an everyday basis. For example, I’m not going to wear a wedding dress and go grocery shopping, because of my lack of confidence; but what if I could paint myself in the dress and place myself in a beautiful setting? So I can wear and own it permanently on a canvas. That’s when I started borrowing bits and pieces of jewelry that I wished I could own, styling and painting myself so that I can possess it in some way. Painting my glamorous fantasy satisfies me. I usually construct my painting compositions based on the dress I want to paint, instead of sketching a scenario and then putting the dress in it, because I want the dress to be the main subject of my painting.