Ellen George

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: https://pdxcontemporaryart.com/ellen-george

City / State: Vancouver, WA

I begin each painting with a thin line of silverpoint or gold point. Many of these delicate markings are layered within the chalky gouache brushstrokes. Visible, faintly visible, or hidden, I think of each of these lines as an axis, a line of stillness and support. It can be fixed and it can shift.

The AXIS paintings are in the shapes of playing cards, lucky money envelopes, and piano keys. The outline of the FAN SUITE paintings are based on seventeenth-to-nineteenth-century Chinese fans. In both series¬¬––scaled to fit in the hand––I paint on ultra-thin birch. Each panel has a unique warp that is both natural and sculptural. Instead of describing the visible world, these scaled-down mindscapes convey the interior landscape of emotion and mind.

The imagery of my abstract paintings evokes flora, earth, water, and atmosphere. Lines and brushstrokes mingle, worlds emerge.