Elizabeth Ihekoronye

Region: Midwest

City / State: Saint Paul , MN

 I have always been infatuated with the complexity of the intrapersonal. A space where emotions, time, memory, and knowledge live amongst each other. The way that these elements work together and war together in a single hidden space provides a theatrical glimpse into what it’s like to be human. My work explores this hidden space and its ability to visualize and have self-dialogue resulting in conflict, innovation, and transformations that propel us forward and sometimes hold us back. I like to believe that my paintings are all the elements spilling out of me and taking a human form. Almost like a personification of the intrapersonal. I use figures and landscapes to symbolize emotions and material objects, plants, and food to symbolize situations. In each painting there is a small square with gold abstract drawings. These squares or emblems represent specific stories, conflicts, and ideas.