Elizabeth Camilletti

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://Elizabethcamillettiart.com

There is a sometimes imaginary, sometimes real amount of control in how we interpret or conceptualize our personal environments. This psychological condition and the ensuing lack or actualization of comfort it produces are the focus of my work. Comfort and discomfort guide a person through their days, lives, and weekly grocery store trips. Expectations conditioned by experience collide with the unpredictability of reality. The disruptive juxtapositions are numerous and when taken in stride inspire curiosity. Interpreting the now through the jarring positioning of familiar objects in nearly believable rooms or environments is subjective as well as critical. Personal spaces from the home are populated with objects that are described by their use and their history with people. These objects and their environment are stylized on a fabric surface so that the illusion of comfort from objects and spaces is on display.