Elisabeth Condon

Gallery Affiliations: Lesley Heller Workspace, Dorsch Gallery, Schoolhouse Gallery

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.elisabethcondon.com

City / State: New York, NY

Making a painting is like taking a trip, its destination a landscape containing the whole of experience.

Transparent pours of paint create contingent compositions, which I then edit and construct from using snippets of imagery from places lived and traveled. Paint applications, scale and spatial orientation segue among frameworks, combining Chinese idioms with Indian patterns and western geometry to generate logic both familiar and foreign. The butterfly perspectives and stacked spaces in traditional Chinese landscape inspire me to compress their lateral spaces into shallow layers like a Rolodex, compacting breadth and depth within a simultaneous field. My location when I paint impacts my palette Florida is vivid and saturated, New York cool and neutral. Acrylic surfaces embody moisture; oil speaks to earth and brick.

Integrating diverse elements creates spaces for imaginary wandering, where Yuan Dynasty China meets Dr. Seuss.