Eli Gfell

Region: Midwest

Website: https://cargocollective.com/eligfell

City / State: Cleveland, OH

 Art tends to occupy fabricated spaces. Most of us live in them too. We are constantly constructing and reconstructing our environments, the spaces we individually and collectively occupy. Our contemporary consumer society is directly reflected in our materials and methods for building things. Huge amounts of materials get wasted. Materials are mass-produced on a global scale by hugely powerful corporations. They are highly processed or entirely synthetic. Sometimes they imitate other materials. Eventually they all fall apart.

A kind of alternative renovation, my work exists somewhere between object, image, and architecture. Made from found and repurposed building materials, it is realized through intuitive processes and imperfect systems. Faux surfaces, forged gestures, and folded spaces create a slowly recognized distortion of perspective. With reused, unused, or unusable materials, I examine and undermine traditional notions of value, commodity, finish, permanence, and the monumental. I want to reveal how a throw-away society is built, using what it has thrown away to do so.