Edra Soto

Region: Midwest

Website: http://edrasoto.com

City / State: Chicago, IL

During the last four years I have deliberately practiced art disregarding, if necessary, coherent visual reading (the stylistic aspects of the art work). Art making moves in very organic ways, like growing, aging, or a life experience. Art and life are directly linked in my practice. Coming from one person’s perspective, daily life and world events become one subjective opinion when used to represent commentary. History and memories are fictions, transgressions as well, and I allow them to exist in that matter.

I consistently explore in a conceptual manner: social-cultural aspects of life; timely events; the examination of autonomic behaviors; desensitize developments; how history and experiences influence our perception; the incomplete as a form of contextualization; open narratives; sites and their specific content, folklore, rituals and personal experiences. All these constants I use individually or combine according to my purpose or the conceptual aim.

In my visual roster I deal with multiple kinds of formats (video, installation, drawing, painting, documentation, performance) and it is necessary to look at them individually. It is necessary for me to give a concept the adequate aspect / format.

The timely aspects of the work can seem dated and obsolete sometimes. Nevertheless, I believe these qualities are embedded into the art making process that sees time as an element or a tool.