Edo Rosenblith

Region: Midwest

Website: http://edorosenblith.com

City / State: St. Louis, MO

The majority of my work can be seen as an effort to weave together the disparate accounts of my own experiences and observations, filtered through the lens of a personalized cartoon language. Over time, I have found myself drawn to various populist mediums— such as murals, books, and printmaking—as different arenas to employ a dense web of grotesque cartoon imagery. This pictorial strategy is employed to address both personal and historical narratives.

Within my work the question arises: How does my own autobiography intersect with the desire to present a larger social and political critique? The key to unify these interests comes from examining how trauma connects us all. History is precisely the way that we are implicated in each other’s traumas. The comic image or caricatures remain unique in their ability to depict our collective trauma and cultural derangements. Both are highly critical tools that allow for an engaging image that can be absorbed by a larger audience. In some cases, the work will hopefully induce a physical reaction from the viewer—preferably one of laughter.