Edo Rosenblith

Region: Midwest

Website: http://edorosenblith.com

City / State: St. Louis, MO

This painting series marks a radical break from work of the last five years. It concerns my relationship to my twin brother, also an artist, who committed suicide ten years ago. The idea was to imagine what kind of pictures he would be making if he were still alive. The next step was to present a fictitious two-person exhibition where I displayed artwork attributed to my twin brother alongside my own. I wanted to use the mechanics of the gallery space as a vehicle for what Joan Didion called “magical thinking,” a way of coping with loss by creating new stories or actions that can enhance reality. Many strangers who attended the opening believed that the work attributed to my brother was indeed his, and at that moment, within the safe confines of the gallery’s white walls, his presence was momentarily reanimated.