Ed Valentine

Gallery Affiliations: Linda Warren Projects

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.edvalentineart.com/

City / State: Delaware, OH

I don’t make easy paintings. I don’t make difficult or confusing paintings either. My paintings are complex, but accessible. They do, however, deliver more if you have somewhat of an understanding of the painting process and a decent knowledge of art history. Still, anyone can stand in front of one of my paintings and walk away at least intrigued, if they allow themselves. I am not interested in taking art beyond aesthetics.

Over my studio door, I have written, as a sort of metronome, “Four to six elements in visual and conceptual harmony.” It’s easy to overload a painting, to confound and convolute it. This reminder allows for a focus and provides a certain constraint that I’m happy to work within.

If the work is sparse, or you can at least see the bits or the elements that built it, you can make connections within it. Those connections are where things get interesting. It’s all part of the composition, the visual language, the orchestration, the harmony, and the poetry.