Dustyn Bork

Region: South

Website: http://www.dustynbork.com

City / State: BATESVILLE, AR

 It is a curious fate for the life of a building. A hierarchy exists between preserving some styles of architecture versus keeping historical or cultural continuity.

Certainly, some architectural forms are favored over others. Some undergo many visual iterations (renovations) while others will not stand the test of time. I want viewers to make connections between the colors, lines, textures, and forms in my artwork and those found in the constructed environment.

Certain architectural forms find their way into my work. My paintings focus on the built landscape from my observable surroundings. I experiment with abstracted forms and structures by lifting them from their original context. These works are akin to façades; they remove the compositions from the more traditional rectangle and instead are shaped to reflect built forms. I want the works to be object-centric. I use tools and materials consistent with construction, such as rollers and wood, to reference building materials. Each composition symbolizes the beauty implicit in surfaces and structures at various stages of decay and renewal.