Drew Peterson

Region: Midwest

 I make paintings that read like a single sentence. Solitary. Distilled. I’m interested in an image that is mutually assertive and poetic—that has been pared down to an essence, without ever becoming austere or, worse, inaccessible.

Within the work, abstract forms and organic imagery are depicted with an illusionistic playfulness that allows the painting a degree of complexity while remaining relatively minimal. I am seeking a gentleness. While creating these works, I find myself mentally drifting to imagined landscapes where my senses fixate upon a place where quiet, natural gestures are carried out unencumbered.

These paintings are composed of screenprinted acrylic on Belgium linen. By printing an image rather than painting it, I find solace in the gradual and mediated process of applying thin layers of ink that can either be absorbed into the linen or build on top of itself, creating a variance across the surface of the painting. This effect is inviting to the viewer and positions them to reconcile the relationship between image and the physical minutiae of the works’ materiality.