Drew Beckmeyer

Region: Pacific Coast

My work tends to be based around things that I don't understand. The drawing sort of becomes a way for me to learn, relate and formulate an attempt at a personal perspective. My hope is that in the best circumstances this perspective can be valid enough that it extends beyond the making. Thematically, the subject matter exists in an embarrassing four-man battle royale between the spiritual world, washing, various communal behavior and my ever changing view on each.

I try and develop these ideas through a constantly building, somewhat decipherable code of objects, shapes and rendering techniques, which are then fit into loosely narrative compositions. Visually, I feel guilty repeating myself, so the marks, though pretty deliberate, are based in a curiosity and meant to represent a learning experience with technique and juxtaposition.

I feel like keeping my intentions insufficiently overreaching is the only way to stay healthily unsatisfied and therefore open to the changes that follow that discontent.