Douglas Welsh

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

Life Raft, my current body of work, helps keep me afloat. It’s a way of surviving, managing, and overcoming the rollercoaster of high and low energy. Life Raft is a ritual during which I paint and listen to music simultaneously, often with one song on repeat until a painting is complete. This process helps me access energies, feelings, and memories, which I imbue into each work. I resolve paintings because I want to resolve something within myself. The color and spatial relationships in my paintings can be lyrical, peaceful, disruptive, or tenuous, depending on my state of mind. I ebb and flow between control and release, chaos and order, creating complex and dynamic abstract paintings. Ultimately, I seek harmony and balance in the interaction of these elements. This search for synergy is mirrored in my life, but I am secure on my Life Raft, for now.