Doron Langberg

Region: Northeast

Creating a space of desire drives my artistic practice. I depict myself sexually engaged with other men in moments of lust, aggression, and tenderness to share with the viewers a part of what makes me human. These homoerotic scenes slowly emerge from overwhelmingly patterned and textured interiors, revealing their explicit nature over time. I try to make the sexual experience depicted in my work palpable by indulging in the sensuality of my materials. I pour, spill, drip and squeeze paint to emphasize the eroticism of my process and imagery, giving seductive form to personal experience. Through the visual play of the painting, I aim to arouse the curiosity of the viewers, compelling them to take pleasure in the homoerotic subject, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. I want my pleasure to become their pleasure. By depicting homosexuality in an enticing way, I aspire to present it as an unmarked category that does not only stand for gay sexuality, but sexuality as a panhuman experience.