Donika Wiley

Region: West

Drawing, watercolor and printmaking are my media of choice. In all media I am exploiting the potential for expressive detail. In each artwork I strive for a peaceable exchange between the viewer and my most inner consciousness. Fully embracing subtle nuance, my drawings are carefully drafted to reveal the sublime and quietly speak to the contemplative viewer. My artworks emerge from truth and a genuine need to express myself. For me there is beauty in the balance between peace and despair, I hope to convey the possibility for both in my works.

Currently, I am working with repetitive forms found in nature, such as rock formations, birds in flight and tree forms. The rock formations are pictorial representations of timelessness. The simplified piling of rocks depicts an epic and singular creation, also describing heaviness, stillness and gravity. I am using birds in flight as a metaphor for chaos, suspended gravity, fluidity, restlessness and harmony. Finally, the tree forms are a bridge between worlds, reaching away from the earth towards the sky.