Donghwan Jahng

Region: Northeast

At the center of my practice is an homage to the world of heavy metal, which I passionately collect and listen to. While there are many views on and interpretations of this musical genre, the foundation for my “metal” cosmology is “chaos through order.” Like the many teenagers, I was initially drawn in by the music’s simple-mindedly rebellious and emotionally provocative sonic impression (chaos). As I grew through the music, I started to apprehend the instrumental virtuosity and compositional complexity that unite the thrum (order).

Taking this tack, I have been influenced by Gothic artists/craftsmen, from whose work and methodology I draw visual and conceptual inspiration. For the great and enormous cathedrals, it might have been impossible to carve every minute detail if not for their passion and dedication to faith. Likewise, I have tried to make each visual element, not only to represent my admiration.