Don Scott Macdonald

Gallery Affiliations: Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Anderson Exhibits

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Denver, CO

My paintings are composed from an accumulation of observations and dreams. Rather than recreating details of a static landscape on canvas, I attempt to distill its essence, believing that simplicity is elegant and powerful.

Many in this series juxtapose the peaceful, quiet mystery of nature with the rush of sensation we experience in such environments. There is an almost instinctive exploration between the ethereal and the earth. I feel an affinity with the metaphysical content in paintings by Bierstadt, Frankenthaler and Rothko. Like them, I aim to create spaciousness that extends beyond the limits of the canvas. Overall, I hope my paintings convey something about who we are and what we feel - a balance of mystery and beauty, darkness and hope.