Dominique Knowles

Region: Midwest

  Dominique Knowles’s work invites through the archetypal, moving beyond as an incredibly specific expression of interspecies companionship. At once a seemingly private language, its monumental character reveals that the work is generated from primordial knowledge. His paintings garner strength from the formless, fluid movement of unbounded rhythm. His poetics are epic in scale, with an intimate cadence that ebbs and flows in sub-realities. There’s a symbiosis of confessional narrative and emotional lyric, acting as a soft ground for a central figure of luminously erotic queer desire. Romantic longing nourishes an empathic absorption into spaces pulsating with aliveness. The aesthetic’s consistent resonance of humane and animal grief is redemptive. There is hope for rebirth as its ochre atmosphere breathes prenatal warmth and givenness for meditations on ancient sentience. This open and untethered vision of interbeing is more than a pollyannish dream of a beautiful ecology. The stakes are deep within their solemn contemplation of what is nature, how does one maintain another’s quality of life, and how the capacity of a death doula allows for a way to die with dignity.