Dominic Terlizzi

Region: South


City / State: Baltimore, MD

My art is the synthetic colliding against history,
domestication, refinement, and germination,
nothingness, absence, place-holding, base,
origins of recipe, repetition, and memory,
hierarchy of beliefs in moments present,
class schema and academic structure,
authorship, authenticity, labor, origin,
transforming minutia into grandeur,
a found common object alphabet,
obfuscating a precise ending,
cosmic mosaic architecture,
retinal ground psychedelia.
acting without allegiance,
increments of exchange,
spectrums and textures,
stealing awesomeness,
bread in primary color,
hybrid image weaving,
accumulation of craft,
algorithmic systems,
non-digital residues,
surface satisfaction,
usurping a view,
knowing a part,
and living,
a life.