Dirk Staschke

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.artdirk.com/

City / State: Portland, OR

I explore a space between sculpture and painting that neither medium can occupy alone. Look behind a “real” painting and the illusion of space it creates is lost. My work gives that space tangible form. The knowable gives way to the mystery of an embodied illusion. Representation is only a departure point for examining skill and craft.

My latest investigations have taken me directly to painting. The notion of futility is key in the vanitas tradition. I translate that futility into an artistic gesture by rendering what is representational and static in the fluid medium of glaze, knowing that what is painstakingly depicted will change beyond my control during firing. It captures a fleeting moment reminiscent of the temporal nature of life. Ironically, history has shown fired ceramic to be among the most permanent materials in existence.

Invoking the impermanent in the enduring medium of ceramic is a hopeful act. In some small way, futility gives way to optimism.