Diego Rodriguez-Warner

Region: West

My paintings are an attempt to reflect American culture; loud, boisterous, violent, a complicated overlapping cultural milieu, a beautiful, chaotically exuberant spectacle, a construct held together by tenuous belief. The language of art history is turned back on itself to investigate contemporary anxieties: isolation, the overabundance of contradictory information, mediation, cultural exchange, representation, and ownership. Through the abrupt rupturing of tired tropes, accepted narratives are subverted and expanded into multifaceted images that reject easy reduction.

By placing layer upon layer of images of different styles and periods, using juxtaposed and often contrary techniques, I intend to invigorate the works with a certain deliberate, vibrating contention. Loud colors splash pop cultural garishness, a candy aisle beauty that on closer inspection belies a complex internal logic at a cinematic scale. The seductive sensory overload in the resulting paintings entangles viewers into uncomfortable involvement with, analysis of, and reflection on a society of competing narratives tearing at the seams, simultaneously coming together and at risk of falling apart.