Derek Haverland

Region: Midwest

By using words and glass I expand the duality of meaning, overlapping in order to create tension and conflict. Employing typographical processes, I create illusory space. Inside this space I want to examine how we make the choices that define ourselves.

As obvious as it may be, one must look at the details before making an informed decision. What happens when there are details that contradict what we believe? How much are we willing to accept or ignore before we actually choose to take action or feel guilt? This work examines the framework that lies in the grey areas that are contradictions. I find these ambiguities most intriguing.

I see the work as a dialogue with the viewer that is not only about my own introspection, but also about reflecting on one's own actions and behaviors. Through these universal experiences, I hope to reveal not only that we are imperfect, but also that change should take place from the inside out.