Dee Clements

Region: Midwest

Dee Clements is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur working under the name Studio Herron. Her practice spans soft product design, craft, and art. She uses weaving, tufting, drawing, and painting to investigate well-being and meaning in the realm of the domestic, and views textiles as an ever-changing and flexible way to examine the emotional side of soft objects. In a hard, technologically advanced world where anything and everything is accessible on a screen at the push of a button, she aims to slow down, with work that offers a tactile and sensory experience, one that invites comfort and joy while examining the human imprint in both the utilitarian and the aesthetic. Clements is a processbased artist whose work incorporates painting and drawing, 3D design, textiles, and products. She has a deep love of and interest in materials, ideas, invention, and experimentation.