Deborah Druick

Region: Northeast

 My paintings address issues of gender definition, self-identification, and female objectification, using stylized figuration and saturated high-key color. I emphasize and exaggerate stereotypical concepts of precision, perfection, and beauty in femininity. My females are faceless archetypes, eliciting questions about identity, self-awareness, and sentiment. I explore codes of femininity while also addressing issues of willingness and consent. I often insert my subjects into situations where self-control and self-awareness are requisites. My work can best be described as belonging to the “New Surrealist” movement, using a new visual language to express the objectification of women’s bodies. Key components of my painting style are the abundant use of pattern and texture, flattened, cropped imagery, and shallow perspectives. The Chicago Imagists and surrealism are both important influences on my work.