Dawn Black

Gallery Affiliations: Curator's Office, Get This! Gallery, Cynthia Reeves

Region: South

Website: http://www.dawnblack.com

City / State: Baton Rouge, LA

In my work I examine the practice of masquerade and its relationship to concepts of identity and power in scenes of figures meticulously depicted in gouache, watercolor, and ink on paper. I select the figures from various sources, societies, and time periods, and compose them to create tableaux influenced by the ideas of James Hillman and Joseph Campbell, and by the notion of myth-making in general. Campbell’s monomyth (or the hero’s journey myth) is found throughout the world and is familiar to all, with slight cultural/regional nuances. I find monomyths compelling in that they can bring understanding to viewers unfamiliar with other cultural norms. My work does not illustrate any specific myth but seeks to provoke critical thought regarding current attitudes and conflicts as expressed within universal stories.