David Titterington

Region: Midwest

Website: http://davidtitterington.com

City / State: Kansas City, MO

Most of my paintings riff on themes of death, landscape, hidden imagery, and the male body. I am motivated by my need to draw attention to nature and spirituality.

Painting figures makes the pictorial space more accessible to viewers, and painting landscapes imbues the land and sky with meaning and creates a deeper communal awareness of the environment. By rendering the local world in its radiant beauty, I promote its preservation. By remixing the human figure, I develop an image that reflects the complexity and vulnerability of the human experience.

My process is traditional—many layers of semi-transparent paint first applied with loose and rhythmic brushstrokes. I enjoy how the nature of the paint itself reflects the fluidity and luminosity of mind and life. I never know exactly what the finished image will look like when I begin: unforeseen problems require creative solutions and my own understanding of the image is meshed with its creation.