David Holmes

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.holmespaint.com

City / State: minnetonka, MN

The city attracts me like a moth to a streetlight. Every street, building, and billboard presents dramatic possibilities. The subject fascinates me, and is the inspiration for much of my work.

When developing a new piece, I approach it as a writer might, with the intent of creating a story to be “read” by the viewer. The figures in the painting are like characters in a play. As I work with them, I try to imagine each one as a fully developed person. During the long painting process, I actually begin to think of them as real people. As I create their miniature universe in paint, who they are and what they feel is very important to me.

Urban landscapes have a raw, natural power. It seems appropriate to render them as clearly as possible, in the painting style called hyperrealism. Although demanding, the approach provides exceptional control and detail. The final result is more like a window than a painting, tempting the viewer to climb through it into the world beyond.