David Fulton

Gallery Affiliations: Rudolph Blume Fine Art

Region: West

Identity is assigned once location is determined. Location requires the fixing of the process, requires the creation of a designation that is always already redundant, a designation referencing that which is continually in flux, untouchable, defined and changing, plotted and lost. Identity is assigned once location is determined. Discontinuous location creates discontinuous identity.

Not to advance into nature but into the record of nature, the map, the net of trails and measures. Without narrative, to advance to become lost, to create a position and take possession of that position, to become lost and return. To connect, projecting a trail quickly mislaid and lost.

The Alluvion works trace the contours of mapped lakes. Information is located and layered, re-presented, complicated. Shorelines retain only the inner identity, paint flows away from the origin, recombining and obscuring previous layers, forming shared territories, the new soft edges hinting at a non-existent three dimensional referent. An accumulation of events, an unfolding of the cartographic that mimics the organic, the geologic, a reading of a history, the construction of a history. Re-presenting the world using the tools that simultaneously present and prevent the world from presenting itself in itself as itself.

A view with a memory, a cartography of loss, grid less, map-less.